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Title: Computability and tiling problems
Author: Carney, Mark Richard
ISNI:       0000 0004 8506 2664
Awarding Body: University of Leeds
Current Institution: University of Leeds
Date of Award: 2019
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In this thesis we will present and discuss various results pertaining to tiling problems and mathematical logic, specifically computability theory. We focus on Wang prototiles, as defined in [32]. We begin by studying Domino Problems, and do not restrict ourselves to the usual problems concerning finite sets of prototiles. We first consider two domino problems: whether a given set of prototiles S has total planar tilings, which we denote TILE, or whether it has infinite connected but not necessarily total tilings, WTILE (short for 'weakly tile'). We show that both TILE ≡m ILL ≡m WTILE, and thereby both TILE and WTILE are Σ11-complete. We also show that the opposite problems, ¬TILE and SNT (short for 'Strongly Not Tile') are such that ¬TILE ≡m WELL ≡m SNT and so both ¬TILE and SNT are both Π11-complete. Next we give some consideration to the problem of whether a given (infinite) set of prototiles is periodic or aperiodic. We study the sets PTile of periodic tilings, and ATile of aperiodic tilings. We then show that both of these sets are complete for the class of problems of the form (Σ1 1 ∧Π1 1). We also present results for finite versions of these tiling problems. We then move on to consider the Weihrauch reducibility for a general total tiling principle CT as well as weaker principles of tiling, and show that there exist Weihrauch equivalences to closed choice on Baire space, Cωω. We also show that all Domino Problems that tile some infinite connected region are Weihrauch reducible to Cωω. Finally, we give a prototile set of 15 prototiles that can encode any Elementary CellularAutomaton(ECA). We make use of an unusual tileset, based on hexagons and lozenges that we have not seen in the literature before, in order to achieve this.
Supervisor: Shafer, Paul ; Rathjen, Michael ; Cooper, S. Barry Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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