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Title: "Mukhtasar Talkhis al-Mutashabih fi l-Rasm wa-Himayat ma Ashkala minhu'an Bawadir al-Tashif wa-l-Wahm wa-Talih" by Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Thabit al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, adapted and organized by Ala al-Din Ali ibn Uthman al-Maridini, known as Ibn al-Turkumani
Author: Badinjki, Muhammad Said
Awarding Body: University of Glasgow
Current Institution: University of Glasgow
Date of Award: 1988
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The book "Talkhis al-mutashabih fi l-rasm wa himayat ma ashkala minhu 'an bawadir al-tashif wa-l-wahm" together with "Tali al-Talkhis" is among the most notable works of al-Imam al-Hafiz Abu Bakr al-Khatib al- Baghdadi (1). In fact these two are among the most notable bocks ever compiled in the field of Talkhis al-mutashabih, representing as they do a new approach. Scholars before al-Khatib al-Baghdadi divided the task of analysing names spelt similarly into two separate categories: al-Mutalif wa-l-Mukhtalif and al-Muttafig wa-l- Muftarig. al-Khatib merged the material of these two categories to create a new one, which was called by some of the later Muhaddiths al-Mutashabih (2), and by others Talkhis al-mutashabih (3), from the title that al-Khatib had given to these two books. Since the method adopted by al-Khatib in arranging and classifying the material of the books was unfamiliar (4), Ibn al-Turkumani decided to present it in a more accessible form. Thus he arranged it in alphabetical order and summarised it in such a way as to retain the maximum amount of important information. Because of the great importance of this Mukhtasar, I decided to choose it as a topic for my Doctoral dissertation. I have edited the work and compared it with the original al-Talkhis and Tali al-Talkhis. I have appended 156 biographies, for which al-Khatib merely refers the reader to other books of his or to al-Tarikh al-kabir by al-Bukhari. I have also provided notes on the text where there is a need for them. This comprises Fart Two of the thesis. Part One, consists of the following: an Introduction and a general Index. In my Introduction, I have given the lives of the two scholars, al-Khatib and Ibn al-Turkumani. I have then discussed the phenomenon of al-Tashif, examined the meaning of the word and explained the reasons that gave rise to it. In addition I have surveyed the various views and positions of scholars on the subject and their classifications of it, and I have given a bibliography of the major works on it. I have then defined the category of Talkhis al-mutashabih and indicated its advantages. I have then discussed the method used by al-Khatib in al-Talkhig wa-Talih and that adopted by Ibn al-Turkumani in sumnarising and reorganising the material they contain. To conclude the Introduction, I have given a description of the manuscript of Mukhtasar Talkhis al-mutashabih and my own methodology in editing and commenting on the work.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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