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Title: Orbit manipulation and capture of binary asteroids
Author: Liu, Xiaoyu
Awarding Body: University of Glasgow
Current Institution: University of Glasgow
Date of Award: 2019
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In general, asteroids are of great significance for the future. This point has been reflected in several different fields, including scientific research, long-term economic development and the long-term global safety. Driven by these issues, the exploration and exploitation of asteroids has drawn significant attention and led to a series of space missions. Moreover, among the entire asteroid population, binary-asteroid systems represent a significant subset, which can be potential candidates for future missions. The purpose of this thesis is to develop the methodologies necessary for future binaryasteroid exploration and utilisation consists of two main objectives: the orbit manipulation of a binary-asteroid pair and capture mechanics for a binary system. In this thesis, a study of the low-thrust orbit manipulation of a binary-asteroid pair is presented, under the influence of the Sun's third-body perturbation. The Sun-binary hierarchical three-body system is represented as two interacting perturbed Keplerian motions: inner motion within the binary and outer motion around the Sun. Moreover, the third-body perturbations are simplified by the quadrupole approximation, and a first-order analytical approach is derived to evaluate the secular variation of the orbital elements for the system. Based on the analytical solution provided, open-loop control laws are then designed to obtain a desired change in the binary orbital elements. In addition, this thesis also investigates the feasibility of capturing one member of a binary asteroid pair through disruption of the binary asteroid during the flyby of a central body, e.g. the Earth. For simplification, the process is approximated by the planar parabolic restricted three-body problem (PPRTBP) and a set of related regularised equations of motion are derived. Based on the PPRTBP, a linear analysis is also conducted for motion in the vicinity of the main asteroid, which provides insights for the inner motion of the binary system. Moreover, initial condition maps for the evolution of the binary-asteroid pair determine the capture region in the initial configuration space. Two strategies have then been proposed to investigate the possibility of engineering the capture process. One is a re-phasing manoeuvre before encounter to engineer the initial condition maps, the other is an optimal single-impulse transfer during encounter, both of which have been verified by related numerical simulations.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
Keywords: TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics