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Title: A constructivist grounded theory of Ghara Igbanwe for the older Igbo people
Author: Ahuzi, Mary Cordis
ISNI:       0000 0004 7968 7043
Awarding Body: Cardiff University
Current Institution: Cardiff University
Date of Award: 2019
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Ghara igbanwe encompasses a form of holistic care for the elderly that is deeply rooted in the cultural practices of the Igbo people and their beliefs around afterlife and spirituality. This form of holistic care of the elderly is poorly understood within the literature and as a result, the complex needs of the Igbo elderly is often misunderstood by healthcare professionals and Nigerian politicians. This research study explores needs of the older Igbo ethnic group of Nigerians over 65 years of age and in doing so, develop a theory about ghara igbanwe. Using the Constructivist Grounded Theory methodology, 16 Igbo elderly and their caregivers were interviewed until theoretical saturation was achieved. Data generated was then coded and mapped in the Constructivist Grounded Theory tradition. Ghara igbanwe, as theorised by this study, means that the elderly people in Igbo serve as intermediaries between the living and their ancestors. This understanding of the role of older Igbo people has major implications on their care needs. The current state of care provision challenges this unique role of the Igbo elderly politically, socio-economically and culturally. For ghara igbanwe to be successful, the Igbo elderly population need to be respected and supported as intermediaries. The approach to care should be culturally sensitive to the traditions and practices of the Igbo people. In other words, Western approaches to rehabilitation or holistic care of the elderly should not be blindly applied to the Igbo context. The key contribution of this thesis is this theory of elderly as intermediaries in Igbo, Nigeria. This thesis asserts that there needs to be a consideration of the intermediary roles that older Igbo people play in society. By doing so, care provision will then be holistic and successful at promoting health and well-being for the Igbo elderly.
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