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Title: 'Abhidarma-dipa-Vibhasha-prabha-vritti' : a critical edition and an introduction on its authorship and its relation to the 'Abhidarma-kosa-Bhashya' of Vasubandhu
Author: Jaini, Padmanabha Shrivarma
Awarding Body: SOAS University of London
Current Institution: SOAS, University of London
Date of Award: 1958
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The thesis consists of two parts: Introduction (Part I) and the Text (Part II). Part II contains a critical edition of the Abhidharma-dipa (with its commentary called the Vibhasha-prabha-vritti) based on the photographs brought by Pandit Rahula Samkrityayana of a MS. discovered in Tibet in 1937. This hitherto unknown work belongs to the Kasmira Vaibhashika school and is written on the model and in refutation of the Abhidharma-kosa (and the Bhashya) of Vasubandhu. It has the distinction of being the only work written against Vasubandhu the Kosakara that has survived in its original form, and thus has a unique value in furnishing us -with the orthodox Vaibhashika reactions to the Abhidharma-kosa and the Bhashya. part I - INTRODUCTION The first chapter contains a brief description of the MS., notes on the correspondence between the karikas of the Abhidharma-dipa and the Abhidharma-kosa, and also a brief summary of the contents of the Abhidharma-dipa and its Vritti. The second chapter deals with the meaning and interpretation of the terms Sutra and Abhidharma. An attempt has been made to trace the beginning of the Abhidharma to the S?tras, particularly to those which deal with the thirty-seven bodhipakshika-dharmas. It also contains a comparison of several Matrika lists showing the identity of the subject-matter of the Abhidharma of all Abhidharmika sohools. The third chapter deals with the divergence between the Sautrantika and the Abhidharmika interpretations of the main items of the Abhidharma, as they are found in the Pali commentaries, particularly in the Vibhanga-Atthakatha, and in the Abhidharma-Kosa-Bhashya. The fourth chapter deals with thirteen major controversies between the Sautrantika Kosakara and the Vaibhashika Dipakara (the author of the Abhidharma-dipa). An attempt has been made to trace the origin of these controversies to the Pali Scriptures and to their Atthakathas. The last chapter deals with the problem of the date and authorship of the Text.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral