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Title: A study of Abu Ubaida Ma'mar Ibn al-Muthanna as a philologist and transmitter of literary material
Author: Hillawi, Nasir
Awarding Body: SOAS University of London
Current Institution: SOAS, University of London
Date of Award: 1966
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Introduction; A short notice on the foundation of Basra and its cultural milieu is followed by a discussion of the most important representatives of the literary life there, and a survey of works by modern European and Arab scholars on Basran literary figures, A section on the importance of Abu 'Ubaida and the sources upon which the study is based concludes the introduction. The thesis is divided into five parts; Part One; This consists of three chapters (I, II & III), the first dealing with Abu 'Ubaida's life, the second with his socio-religious views. In this chapter I discuss in detail the so-called Shu'ubite and Kharijite leanings of Abu 'Ubaida. Chapter III deals with Abu 'Ubaida's output, in the form of an introduction followed by a list of his books. Part Two: This consists of two chapters (IV & V), In chapter IV I deal with Abu 'Ubaida's poetical transmissions, and discuss in detail the diwans and anthologies which he has transmitted. In the following chapter I deal with Abu 'Ubaida's method of transmission, in connection with which the various problems of authenticity are discussed. The last part of this chapter deals with Abu 'Ubaida's opinions on poetry and poets. Part Three: This consists of two chapters (VI & VII). This part is in the main devoted to study Abu 'Ubaida's attitudes towards language, and his standing as a philologist. In the first chapter of this part (Ch. VI) I discuss Abu 'Ubaida's opinion of language and its nature, and then deal with Abu 'Ubaida as a lexicographer and grammarian. The following chapter deals with him as a collector of dialect material, Part Four: This consists of one chapter, in which I study the Kitab al-Majaz. The first part of this chapter gives a short introduction to Quranic studies followed by an examination of the nature of the book under consideration, and a discussion of opinions, ancient and modern, about it. The concept of majaz, and its various kinds in the works of Abu 'Ubaida are discussed. There then follows a study of Abu 'Ubaida's methods in dealing with the Quranic modes of expression. Part Five: This consists of two chapters (IX & X). Chapter IX gives an introduction to Abu 'Ubaida's historical writings, and a thorough examination of the Ayyam al-'Arab, their transmission, contents, and historical importance. The final chapter deals with the diction, style and language of the Ayyam. The thesis is appended with an unpublished work by Abu 'Ubaida called Tasmiyat Azwaj al-Nabi, and specimens from Ayyam al-'Arab and Sirat 'Antara.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral