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Title: Automatic S-acts and inverse semigroup presentations
Author: Dombi, Erzsebet Rita
Awarding Body: University of St Andrews
Current Institution: University of St Andrews
Date of Award: 2005
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To provide a general framework for the theory of automatic groups and semigroups, we introduce the notion of an automatic semigroup act. This notion gives rise to a variety of definitions for automaticity depending on the set chosen as a semigroup act. Namely, we obtain the notions of automaticity, Schutzenberger automaticity, R- and L-class automaticity, etc. We discuss the basic properties of automatic semigroup acts. We show that if S is a semigroup with local right identities, then automaticty of a semigroup act is independent of the choice of both the generators of S and the generators of the semigroup act. We also discuss the equality problem of automatic semigroup acts. To give a geometric approach, we associate a directed labelled graph to each S-act and introduce the notion of the fellow traveller property in the associated graph. We verify that if S is a regular semigroup with finitely many idempotents, then Schutzenberger automaticity is characterized by the fellow traveller property of the Schutzenberger graph. We also verify that a Schutzenberger automatic regular semigroup with finitely many idempotents is finitely presented. We end Chapter 3 by proving that an inverse free product of Schutzenberger automatic inverse semigroups is Schutzenberger automatic. In Chapter 4, we first introduce the notion of finite generation and finite presentability with respect to a semigroup action. With the help of these concepts we give a necessary and sufficient condition for a semidirect product of a semilattice by a group to be finitely generated and finitely presented as an inverse semigroup. We end Chapter 4 by giving a necessary and sufficient condition for the semidirect product of a semilattice by a group to be Schutzenberger automatic. Chapter 5 is devoted to the study of HNN extensions of inverse semigroups from finite generation and finite presentability point of view. Namely, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for finite presentability of Gilbert's and Yamamura's HNN extension of inverse semigroups. The majority of the results contained in Chapter 5 are the result of a joint work with N.D. Gilbert and N. Ruskuc.
Supervisor: Ruskuc, Nik Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: QA182.D7 ; Semigroups