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Title: Glory, grace and truth in John 1:14-18
Author: Tsoutserov, Alexandr Ivanovich
Awarding Body: University of St Andrews
Current Institution: University of St Andrews
Date of Award: 2004
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Three concepts of the revelation of God as Jesus- (1:14-18) are unfolded throughout the Gospel in terms ratification of the covenant of the presence (zapic) of God (Exodus 33:12-34:10 LXX). First, (1:14, 17; no hendiadys) alludes to (Exodus 34:6), both depicting the graciousness and consistency of God's character (, 1:14b; 17:22). Jesus possesses (1:14b) and bestows God's character onto believers (1:17; 17:6, 22, 26) by the means of the Holy Spirit (1:32-33; 7:39; 20:22) as the Holy Spirit is full of (3:34; 14:17; 15:26; 16:13; 19:37 + Zechariah 12:10 LXX). The divine character and legal corpus complement each other in believers (14:22; 15:4-5; 17:11, 21-23; 20:23) thus fulfilling the Scripture (10:35; Jeremiah 31:31-33; Ezekiel 36:26-28f.). Second, (1:16) alludes to the six (Exodus 33:12; 33:13, 13, 16, 17; 34:9-10 LXX) requests to confirm the presence of God. Each occurrence of (1:16) denotes the presence of God: it was regained at Sinai, reinforced in Jesus, and retained through the Spirit. The Gospel depicts ratification of the covenant of the presence of God as Jesus in accord with its articles. Third, all four covenantal aspects of confirming the presence of God are evident in Jesus: 1) the visible appearance of God (1:14a, 14:9), 2) the intrinsic character of God (1:14b, 17; 17:22), 3) the miraculous splendour of God (in Jesus' incomparable signs, deeds, wonders, and marvellous acts), and 4) the divine honour of God (in the Son glorified by the Father). In essence-the presence of God-the revelations of God at Sinai and as Jesus are the same. In quality, the latter surpasses the former in all three-aspects.
Supervisor: Bauckham, Richard Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: BS2615.52T8 ; Revelation--Biblical teaching