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Title: Enabling technologies for integrated atom chips
Author: Aldous, Matthew Ralph Edward
ISNI:       0000 0004 6500 7238
Awarding Body: University of Southampton
Current Institution: University of Southampton
Date of Award: 2017
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The confinement and control of atomic clouds, at temperatures measured in nanokelvin, has become a valuable tool for physicists. As a source of new physics, development ofcooling techniques has led to innovative new ways to probe the nature of reality. Of particular note are experiments carried out on new and exotic states of matter such as the Bose-Einstein condensate, unseen before the advent of these techniques. Likewise,the potential for applications outside of the lab is extensive and encompasses navigation,timekeeping, quantum communication and quantum computing. Manipulating cold atoms in the presence of a so-called ‘atom chip’ (a millimetre-scale electronic device) is currently considered the future of miniaturising these experiments and measurements,but since they still require precisely locked and stabilised lasers and predominantly must take place in the ultra-high vacuum regime, quantum control relies on an extensive and well-established infrastructure of optics, electronics, vacuum chambers and pumps. This encumbrance has slowed down the transition from chip-in-a-lab experiments to lab-on-a-chip technologies. This thesis is an account of work carried out in the development of enabling technologies which will accelerate this transition, including details of prototype devices made using established semiconductor and MEMS planar fabrication techniques. The construction and testing of an apparatus for anodically and eutectically bonding die-scale samples in ultra-high vacuum is described, along with an analysis and characterisation of some of its products.
Supervisor: Himsworth, Matthew Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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