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Title: Enteric fever in India
Author: Greig, E. D. W.
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1909
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A) Continuation report on sleeping sickness in Uganda. This Continuation Report brings the work of the Commission up to the date of Greig's departure for England. In this Report evidence is brought forward which affords additional proof of the correctness of the conclusions arrived at in the last Report. Further evidence is brought forward to show:- i. That the disease is at first a specific polyadenitis caused by the Trypanosoma gambiense. ii. That in addition to enlargement of lymphatic glands the blood shows a constant lymphocytosis at all stages of the disease. iii. That Sleeping Sickness is the last stage of this disease, and is invariably fatal. It consists essentially in a polyadenitis plus signs and symptoms due to changes in the nervous system; the onset of these signs and symptoms synchronises with the entrance of the Trypanosoma gambiense into the lymph spaces of the nervous system; this is accompanied by a rise of the mononuclear elements in the cerebro- spinal fluid. iv: That the resistance of both men and monkeys to the Trypanosoma gambiense, as judged by the duration of the early stage, varies greatly, and probably a certain proportion, not yet exactly determined, acquire sufficient immunity to arrest the development of the disease at that stage. v. That the action of arsenic in vita on the Trypanosome gambiense is partial. It destroys a number of the trypanosomes, and probably these act as immunising agents. Its administration in the stage of polyadenitis tends to help the natural resistance to combat the disease. vi. That bacterial invasion, chiefly coccal, occurs in some cases, but only in the very last days of the sleeping sickness stage, and therefore cannot determine the onset of this phase of the malady. vii. That in addition to the Trypanosoma gambiense, other varieties of trypanosoma occur in Uganda which are pathogenic to animals. viii. That these trypanosomes differ entirely from Trypanosoma gambiense in morphology and animal reactions. ix. That one of these trypanosomes is probably identical with Tr'ypanosoma brucei. The other two differ from it and are, provisionally, unclassed. x. That these varieties of trypanosomes are conveyed from the sick to the healthy by the Uganda tsetse fly (Glossina palpalis) and not by other biting flies (Stomoxys). B) Sleeping sickness: being an account of the investigations of the Commission of the Royal Society in Uganda, the Nile Valley and Sudan, from May 1903 to February 1905 [file not available].
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Qualification Name: Thesis (D.Sc.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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