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Title: Pentasuria, chronic and alimentary, with experimental observations on the latter
Author: Johnstone, Robert William
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1906
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Since 1892, when Salkowski and Jastrowitz discovered the existence of Pentose in human urine, surprisingly little has been added to our knowledge of the subject. Until that time Pentose had always been regarded as a sugar occurring only in the vegetable kingdom. And its discovery in human urine was only one more example of the way in which modern science has broken down the somewhat artificial divisions erected. between the animal and vegetable kingdoms, until now the boundary line is in parts indiscernible, if indeed actually existent. But at that time the idea of the entire independence of the vegetable and animal forms of life was so devoutly believed in, that the correctness of Salkowski's observations was challenged on that very ground by Frederic Müller, who thought that Salkowski had mistaken Glycurenic Acid for pentose, "as the prevailing opinion was, that pentose did not occur in the animal kingdom." Besides this rather naive criticism, the discovery of Salkowski and Jastrowitz gave rise to much speculative criticism, mostly in Germany. These speculations, however, were chiefly confined to the question of the source of the sugar, and, as subsequently his observations received absolutely incontestable confirmation from Carl Neuberg, Blumenthal, and Bergell, Salkowski was freely admitted to have established "chronic pentosuria" as a new clinical entity. So very few similar cases have been recorded since then, however, that one cannot help thinking, that many cases have gone unrecognised, probably more from ignorance of the existence of such a condition, than from neglect. It is, therefore, of great importance, that whatever cases are recognised, should be given as much publicity as possible.
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