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Title: Neurasthenia
Author: Roberts, Hugh Moreton
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1905
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History and Nature of Neurasthenia: Definition | Introduction by Beard | Earlier writings | Previous titles to condition neurasthenia a neurosis Illustrative Cases: A number of cases taken from a large number met with by writer The Causation of Neurasthenia: Increasing prevalence of neurasthenia | Heredity a cause | Predisposing and exciting causes | Effect of infectious and toxic diseases | Country and Climate | Age and Sex | Occupation | Intellectual, muscular, and emotional strain | Diseases of the Reproductive system | Abuse of Alcohol etc. | Diseases of the Throat and Nose | Dyspepsia Traumatism The symptoms of Neurasthenia: Difficulty of classification | Certain fundamental symptoms found in most cases | Headache | Insomnia | Nervousness | Gastric symptoms | Blood in neurasthenia | Circulatory Disturbances | Pulse | Urinary changes | Changes in the Sense organs | The sexual organs | The nervous system | Fears and anxieties | Henri neurasthenia | Various forms | Traumatic neurasthenia. The Diagnosis of Neurasthenia: Not an easy matter | Absence of physical signs | Coexistence with other diseases | Organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord | Hysteria | Hypochondriasis | Anaemia | Lithaemia | Petit Jal | insanity | Diagnosis of Traumatic cases The Etiology of Neurasthenia: Actual pathology unknown | Various Theories | The nervous theory | Gastric theory | Arguments for and against both | The two theories summed up | Glenard's theory | Anjel's theory | Views of other writers | The theories related to Traumatic neurasthenia Neurasthenia: Prognosis, Complications and Sequelae | Not a fatal disease | Gradual onset | Age of patient | Family history | Circumstances of patient | Certaint? of diagnosis | Neuralgias | Writer's Cramp and Chorea | Certain skin disorders | Insanity a sequela | Opium taking | Craving for Alcohol | Organic lesions | May drift into Hypochondriasis if left untreated. The Prophylactic Treatment of Neurasthenia: Importance of it | Must start early in life | Life in towns | Choice of a school | Home surroundings | Food | Sleep | Outdoor exercise | Moral Education | Puberty | Avoidance of Stress and Strain | Choice of Profession or Trade. The Treatment of Neurasthenia: General Indications | Views regarding-drugs | Importance of good surroundings during treatment | Each case to be considered seperately | Gain confidence of patient | Rest | Diet | Massage | Weir-Mitchell's treatment | Seclusion | Overfeeding | Duration of Rest cure | Hydro therapeutics | Various methods | Electricity | Views regarding it | Hypnotism | Drugs | Avoidance of Opium | Hypodermic Transfusions | Paul's method of treatment | Change of air and scene | Suitable companion.
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