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Title: An investigation into the positive visual experience design for the elderly
Author: Men, Delai
ISNI:       0000 0004 6349 9873
Awarding Body: De Montfort University
Current Institution: De Montfort University
Date of Award: 2016
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Visual impression is the first impact on human perception through receiving and assessing the external information observed by the eyes. Therefore, product appearance is closely linked to the human’s visual experience and can affect human’s mood throughout the process of information perception and product manipulation. Generally, visual ability declines as age increases, which can lead to visual impairment and unpleasant moods among the elderly. For the elderly, there is a need to improve the quality of the visual experience in design. The aim of this research is to explore feasible methods to discover the consistency between subjective desires and objective environmental reactions in order to provide the optimal pleasurable visual experience conditions for elderly individuals in design. The objectives are 1) To examine the common elderly visual experience features in relation to physiological and psychological effects, specifically reflected in vision, perception, and emotion; 2) To determine a positive visual experience framework for elderly-focused design based on visual experience consideration; 3) To develop positive visual experience assessments and test methods specially designed for the elderly in order to gather information and data about subjective desire and objective reaction to objects; 4) To analyze the results of consistency between subjective preference and objective attraction in order to form a positive visual experience for elderly individuals. This research describes the research process and its findings. Initially, the introduction of the thesis presents the research motivations and background, with its aim and objectives defined. Related literature supporting the research is then examined for further understanding of aging, visual experience and relevant emotional issues, and research methodologies. Based on this understanding of the elderly visual experience and visual experience behavior, along with observations of purchasing processes, interviews with the elderly, and interviews with experts, a set of assessment tools (VPTs) was developed for assessing the elderly visual experience factors from the two perspectives of subjective preference and objective attraction. Based on statistical analysis, the elderly general cognitive features, and a series of positive visual experience factors that affect the emotional mood of the elderly were determined. The results of the investigation contribute to design for the elderly with positive visual experience factors identified for enhancing the elderly satisfaction in their visual experiences and manipulating product design to create a positive emotional state. This VPTs assessment tool can also be recommended as a reference for investigating into other various target groups’ visual experience features.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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