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Title: The manufacture and testing of anode supported Ni-10Sc1CeSZ SOFCs for intermediate temperature operation
Author: McDonald, Nikkia M.
ISNI:       0000 0004 6346 5331
Awarding Body: University of Birmingham
Current Institution: University of Birmingham
Date of Award: 2017
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Developing solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems that operate in lower temperature regimes improves system stability, widens materials selection and lowers performance degradation issues previously observed with higher temperature cells. In this work, the development of an intermediate temperature SOFC (IT-SOFC) based on a Ce-doped Scandia-stabilised Zirconia (ScSZ) structure manufactured via screen-printing is outlined. In this thesis we report on the successful manufacture of anode supported 8YSZ baseline cells and cells containing Ni-10Sc1CeSZ anodes supporting 10Sc1CeSZ electrolytes both prepared via die pressing, screen-printing and co-sintering. Commercial 8YSZ and 10Sc1CeSZ reference cells were also tested. This research aims to demonstrate the viability of 10Sc1CeSZ within an IT-SOFC cell structure and examine the effectiveness of 10Sc1CeSZ on lowering the cell operating temperature. Results for the tested cells on H\(_2\) at 800\(^o\)C show the lab grade and commercial grade YSZ cells obtained OCV values of 1.06V and 1.04V and maximum power density values of 392 mW cm\(^-\)\(^2\) and 466 mW cm\(^-\)\(^2\) respectively. The commercial 10Sc1CeSZ cells exhibited the highest OCVs > 1.10V of all tested cells with the lowest area specific resistance of 0.496 Ω cm\(^2\) obtained for the lab grade 10Sc1CeSZ cells. Peak power densities of 68.24 mW cm\(^-\)\(^2\) and 9.12 mW cm\(^-\)\(^2\) at 800\(^o\)C were achieved for the biogas fuelled lab grade YSZ and 10Sc1CeSZ cells respectively.
Supervisor: Not available Sponsor: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) ; Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: TP Chemical technology