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Title: Songs of praxis : reflexive space for authentic teacher voice identification, development and transformation
Author: Armstrong, Paul-Alan
ISNI:       0000 0004 6349 9646
Awarding Body: University of Sunderland
Current Institution: University of Sunderland
Date of Award: 2015
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This study was conceptualised within the Aristotelian tradition of phronesis and dialectics (Eikeland, 2006; 2012) where the focus of the study was the identification of teacher's voice (Sutherland et al., 2010) using Songs of Praxis, an art-based reflexive account within a reflexivity paradigm of uncovering biographical perspective of identity (Alheit, 1992; 2009). This had two reflexivity contexts; within research (e.g. Rolfe, 2011a; 2011b; Rolfe, Jasper and Freshwater, 2011; Etherington, 2007; Simon, 2013; Ellis, 2004; 2007; 2011) and within critical reflective practice (e.g. Gardner, 2009; Gardner, 2014; Rolfe, Jasper and Freshwater, 2011). This reflexive process led to teacher voice development and transformation through a hybridity of creative pedagogy, teaching for creativity and creative learning (Lin, 2011; 2014; Sawyer 2004; 2011). This visualization was completed using reflexive accounts (referred to as Songs of Praxis) which created space for a reflexive relationship (Etherington, 2007; Ellis, 2004) allowing for emotional recall (understanding biographical identity) through to therapeutic inquiry by dealing with my Mask of Self-Hate (the name I use to describe my bipolarity). This facilitated my authentication and transformation as a scholar of learning and teaching. This study was conducted within an auto ethnographic action research and reflexive accounts methodology using cycles of critical reflection. The cycles of critical reflection are; teacher voice identification stage 1, the reimagination of professional voice framework leading to teacher voice identification stage 2, the multiplicity of voice prism. This led to teacher voice development stage1, the reflexive provocateur toolkit which developed into the Reflexive Classroom, teacher voice development stage 2. This led to the teacher voice transformation through the creation of reflexive spaces of creative pedagogic practices; digital reflexivity; and employability practices. This allowed for teacher voice identification, development and transformation which I illustrate within the 'portfolio' which I conceptualised around an 'Album', Songs of Praxis: Teacher Voice Identification, development and transformation'. This corroboration of the data (experience) has led to the contribution of this study to creative teaching practices, digital reflexivity and employability practices. I propose Songs of Praxis create reflexive space for the identification, development and transformation of teacher's voice.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Prof.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Management (general) ; Business and Management