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Title: Stereoscopic events and the everyday : the everyday as particular form and structure
Author: Zoltners, Mara
Awarding Body: University of Leeds
Current Institution: University of Leeds
Date of Award: 2012
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My practice based research project consists of two differentiated parts: the first being the conceptual; the second is the research application. A dual relationship is set up between theory and practice. The research asks and answers the two basic questions: 'What is it?' and 'How do you do it?' As a doctoral thesis, the questions begin the process of research that will be engage theory in part and applied artistic practice to a larger part. For studio practice, these questions begin the process of exploration and creativity. The subject of the research as concept is: to investigate and contextualize the everyday as a subject field of exploration and to identify the everyday through its representation by stereoscopic means to establish a representation of the marginal everyday. The research will engage in establishing a relevant bibliography, studio instrumentation, and specific areas of studio practice that will elucidate and provide focus for the studio research. The application and means of the research is: to identify and develop an instrumentality of media representation; to explore the technical capabilities of identified media tools; to engage in exploiation formal visual forms of representation; and to develop an esthetic of representation. This aspect of the applied research is the creative engagement of the means and processes that flow from media to output images or representation. The optical phenomenon of stereoscopy and the instrumentation of stereoscopy will be shown to be predominate in forwarding the direction of the research inquiry. In the thesis, stereoscopy is historically contextualized within the science of optics; its historical artistic use; its historical social function, and its present day technology, development, and usage. The work of particular scientists, artists, and authors important to the research are identified and discussed in terms of their relevance to stereoscopy and research practice. In addition to everyday as a field of research, the research will explore the Internet as a virtual equivalent of the everyday. The constructed representations of the everyday as manifested on the internet will be identified by means of a set of arbitrarily predetermined guidelines that will established a delimited virtual field of research. The differences of experiencing the everyday physically around one and one's "walking" through the virtual everyday of the internet will be examined as to rhythm of physical reach, pace of experiences, breadth of information available, and unique experiential feedback. The work resulting from the period of research will be placed in context within the broader aspects of the research goals. Explication of the work will involve its genesis, development, and resolution relative to the overall research process. Media tools, software, code, and sources necessary for completion of the research are identified and listed. The document discusses selected groups of research work that lead to the development of the work exhibited in fulfillment of the PhD.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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