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Title: General 4D dynamic scene reconstruction from multiple view video
Author: Mustafa, Armin
ISNI:       0000 0004 6062 1255
Awarding Body: University of Surrey
Current Institution: University of Surrey
Date of Award: 2017
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This thesis addresses the problem of reconstructing complex real-world dynamic scenes without prior knowledge of the scene structure, dynamic objects or background. Previous approaches to 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes either require a controlled studio set-up with chroma-key backgrounds or prior knowledge such as static background appearance or segmentation of the dynamic objects. This thesis presents a new approach which enables general dynamic scene reconstruction. This is achieved by initializing the reconstruction with sparse wide-baseline feature matches between views which avoids the requirement for prior knowledge of the background appearance or assumptions that the background is static. To achieve sparse reconstruction of dynamic objects a novel segmentation based feature detector SFD is introduced. SFD is shown to give an order of magnitude increase in the number and reliability of features detected. A coarse-to-fine approach is introduced for reconstruction of dense 3D models of dynamic scenes. This uses joint segmentation and shape refinement to achieve robust reconstruction of dynamic object such as people. The approach is evaluated across a wide-range of indoor and outdoor scenes. The second major contribution of this research is to introduce temporal coherence into the reconstruction process. The dynamic scene is segmented into objects based on the initial sparse 3D feature reconstruction of the scene. Dense reconstruction is then performed for each object. For dynamic objects the reconstruction is propagated over time to provide a prior for the reconstruction at successive frames in the sequence. This is combined with the introduction of a geodesic star convexity constraint in the segmentation refinement to improve the segmentation of complex objects. Evaluation on general dynamic scene demonstrates significant improvement in both segmentation and reconstruction with temporal coherence reducing the ambiguity in the reconstruction of complex shape. The final significant contribution of this research is the introduction of a complete framework for 4D temporally coherent shape reconstruction from one or more camera views. The 4D match tree is introduced as an intermediate representation for robust alignment of partial surface reconstructions across a complete sequence. SFD is used to achieve wide-timeframe matching of partial surface reconstructions between any pair of frames in the sequence. This allows the evaluation of a frame-to-frame shape similarity metric. A 4D match tree is then reconstructed as the minimum spanning tree which represents the shortest path in shape similarity space for alignment across all frames in the sequence. The 4D match tree is applied to achieve robust 4D shape reconstruction of complex dynamic scenes. This is the first approach to demonstrate 4D reconstruction of general real-world dynamic scenes with non-rigid shape from video.
Supervisor: Hilton, Adrian ; Kim, Hansung Sponsor: IMPART
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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