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Title: Nano handling and measurement of biological cells in culture
Author: Hou, Yu
ISNI:       0000 0004 5922 4797
Awarding Body: University of Bedfordshire
Current Institution: University of Bedfordshire
Date of Award: 2015
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This thesis systematically investigates the nano handling and measurement techniques for biological cells in culture and studies the techniques to realize innovative and multi-functional applications in biomedicine. Among them, the technique based on AFM is able to visualize and quantify the dynamics of organic cells in culture on the nano scale. Especially, the cellular shear adhesion force on the various locations of biological cells was firstly accurately measured in the research of the cell-substrate interaction in terms of biophysical perspective. The innovative findings are conductive to study the cell-cell adhesion, the cell-matrix adhesion which is related to the cell morphology structure, function, deformation ability and adhesion of cells and better understand the cellular dynamic behaviors. Herein, a new liquid-AFM probe unit and an increment PID control algorithm were implemented suitable for scanning the cell samples under the air conditions and the liquid environments. The influence between the surface of sample and the probe, and the damage of probe during the sample scanning were reduced. The proposed system is useful for the nano handling and measurement of living cells. Besides, Besides, to overcome the limitations of liquid-AFMs, the multiple optical tweezers were developed to integrate with the liquid-AFM. The technique based on laser interference is able to characterize the optical trap stiffness and the escape velocity, especially to realize the capture and sorting of multiple cells by a polarization-controlled periodic laser interference. It can trap and move hundreds of cells without physical contact, and has broad application prospects in cytology. Herein, a new experimental method integrated with the positioning analysis in the Z direction was used to improve the fluid force method for the calibration and characterize the mechanical forces exerted on optical traps and living cells. Moreover, a sensitive and highly efficient polarization-controlled three-beam interference set-up was developed for the capture and sorting of multiple cells. By controlling the polarization angles of the beams, various intensity distributions and different sizes of dots were obtained. Subsequently, we have experimentally observed multiple optical tweezers and the sorting of cells with different polarization angles, which are in accordance with the theoretical analysis.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: nano handling ; biological cells ; C560 Biotechnology