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Title: Investigating elastic cloud based RDF processing
Author: Dawelbeit, Omer
ISNI:       0000 0004 5920 9351
Awarding Body: University of Reading
Current Institution: University of Reading
Date of Award: 2016
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The Semantic Web was proposed as an extension of the traditional Web to give Web data context and meaning by using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model. The recent growth in the adoption of RDF in addition to the massive growth of RDF data, have led numerous efforts to focus on the challenges of processing this data. To this extent, many approaches have focused on vertical scalability by utilising powerful hardware, or horizontal scalability utilising always-on physical computer clusters or peer to peer networks. However, these approaches utilise fixed and high specification computer clusters that require considerable upfront and ongoing investments to deal with the data growth. In recent years cloud computing has seen wide adoption due to its unique elasticity and utility billing features. This thesis addresses some of the issues related to the processing of large RDF datasets by utilising cloud computing. Initially, the thesis reviews the background literature of related distributed RDF processing work and issues, in particular distributed rulebased reasoning and dictionary encoding, followed by a review of the cloud computing paradigm and related literature. Then, in order to fully utilise features that are specific to cloud computing such as elasticity, the thesis designs and fully implements a Cloud-based Task Execution framework (CloudEx), a generic framework for efficiently distributing and executing tasks on cloud environments. Subsequently, some of the large-scale RDF processing issues are addressed by using the CloudEx framework to develop algorithms for processing RDF using cloud computing. These algorithms perform efficient dictionary encoding and forward reasoning using cloud-based columnar databases. The algorithms are collectively implemented as an Elastic Cost Aware Reasoning Framework (ECARF), a cloud-based RDF triple store. This thesis presents original results and findings that advance the state of the art of performing distributed cloud-based RDF processing and forward reasoning.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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