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Title: The rise and decline of Chola power in Ceylon
Author: Wijetunga, Wijetunga Mudalige Karunaratna
Awarding Body: SOAS University of London
Current Institution: SOAS, University of London
Date of Award: 1962
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The present thesis attempts to critically examine the rise, decline and effects of Coḷa rule over the northern half of Ceylon during the first three quarters of the eleventh century. The short introduction explains the need for a comprehensive investigation into many of the more important aspects of those critical years. It also stresses the need for a closer examination of the motives "behind the sudden expansion of Coḷa power outside India. This is followed by a chapter (i) on the Sources pertaining to our study. The main study begins with Chapter II with an account of the relations between Ceylon and South India up to the tenth century. Chapter III traces the rise of the Coḷa Vijayalaya line in South India and its impact on Ceylon. This becomes evident with the accession of Parantaka I (906-955 A.C.). But in spite of his attempt to conquer Ceylon the position remained unchanged till the accession of Rajaraja I (985-955 A.C.). There is also a conflicting account of an Indian invasion of the north of Ceylon in the time of Mahinda IV (956-972 A.C.). Chapter IV is devoted to the Coḷa occupation of Rajarattha in the time of Rajaraja I, and the consolidation of their power during the reigns Rajendra I and Rajadhiraja I. Chapter V covers the vital phase of the struggle between the Sinhalese and the Coḷas. Taking advantage of the difficulties of the Coḷas following the death of Virara-jendra the Sinhalese under the leadership of Vijayabahu I were able to overthrow the power of the Coḷas in Ceylon. Thus their power in Ceylon came to an end, but the relations between the Sinhalese and the Coḷas continued to be unfriendly for over another hundred years. Chapter VI is devoted to a study of the administration of Rajaratha (Anuradhapura kingdom) and its economic conditions under the Coḷas. What we have undertaken here is the first serious survey of its kind. The last chapter (VII) discusses the effect of the Coḷa occupation on the society and religion in Ceylon. The more important results of our investigations are summarised in a Conclusion.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
Keywords: Chola ; Indic people ; Sri Lanka ; History