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Title: Studies on 'infantile cirrhosis' and on the effect of cirrhogenic toxin on the progeny
Author: Sundareson, Asirvatham Edwin
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1941
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The following considerations present themselves as facts of fundamental importance for studying experimentally the etiology of infantile cirrhosis as observed in India. B. THE RELATION BETWEEN THE OCCURRENCE OF INFANTILE CIRRHOSIS AND BREAST FEEDING: taking into consideration the common vogue of breast feeding in India. Experimental study on the effect of cirrhogenic toxin administered to the mother, on the liver of the suckling. C. THE FACTORS THAT FAVOUR THE OCCURRANCE OF THE DISEASE. Diet chiefly of polished rice to the exclusion of animal proteins and purine bases in any form. (1) Its peculiar geographical distribution. The disease is found mainly in the rice growing districts in India. (2) Ethnological and social consideration. It is found chiefly in the families of the upper and middle class Hindus, particularly in the Brahmin comrinnity. Their staple diet is polished rice. (3) Dietetic habits of the people. In_ south India it affects almost exclusively children whose parents are vegetarians and do not take egg, meat or fish. Experimental production of liver damage in sucklings whose parent is fed on polished rice and vitaminsand is subjected as well xx to the action of cirrhogenic toxin. D. THE FACTORS THAT OPPSSE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DISEASE. Diet of Cereals other than rise, or a diet of polished rice with animal proteins. (1) Absence of the disease in districts where there is only dry cultivation i.e. cultivation of wheat and millets. (2) The immunity from the disease enjoyed by the poor class whose staple diet is the cheaper millets and parboiled unpolished rice. (3) Dietetic habits. Mohammedans, Europeans Angloindians and Indian Christians who take a mixed diet of meat and rice are less susceptible to this disease. Experimental determination of immunity from liver damage in sucklings whose parent is fed on polished rice vitamins and nucleic acid, and is subjected as well to the action of cirrhogenic toxin.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (M.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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