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Title: Studies on plant gums of the Acacia group
Author: Stoddart, James Fraser
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1966
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The results of a re-investigation of A.Senegal gum have led. to the rejection of the idea that its molecular structure is necessarily based on a "main chain" or "backbone" of (31,3- linked g-galactose residues. The concept that the A.Senegal gum molecule contains a "main chain" or "backbone," to which are attached short side chains, implies that there is one chain in the macromolecule which is unique in being very much longer than the others. Unequivocal evidence for the occurrence of such chains in A.Senegal gum molecules does not exist. In the case of A.arabica gum, all the evidence from structural investigations, and from the solution behaviour of the gum favours a dichotomously branched galactan framework for the basal units of the macromolecules. These findings suggest that it is no longer meaningful to interpret the structural features of these gums in terms of average repeating units. The results, however, may have a wider implication and significance. On re-examination, many plant gums (Smith & Montgomery, 1959) of' the substituted arabinogalactan type, and perhaps some of the arabinogalactans themselves (Timell, 1965), may be shown to exhibit dichotomous branching within their galactan frameworks. Although structural work has been carried out on gums from other Acacia species, including A.mollissima (Stephen, 1951; CHAPTER V - 125 - Young, 1963), A.pycnantha (Hirst & Perlin, 1954; Aspinall, Hirst & Nicolson, 1959), A.karroo (Charlson, Nunn & Stephen, 1955a), A.cyanophylla (Gharlson, Nunn & Stephen, 1955b), A.catechu (Hulyalkar, Ingle & Bhide, 1956, 1959), A.sundra (Mukherjee & Shrivastava, 1957, 1958, 1959; Shrivastava, 1962), A.seyal (Herbich, 1963), A.nilotica (Karamalla, 1965; Anderson & Karamalla, 1966b), A.nubica (Oree, 1966) and A.laeta (Smith, 1966), the investigations reported in this thesis represent the first exploratory steps towards interpreting molecular structures of Acacia gums at the molecular level.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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