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Title: Hyoscine-morphine anaesthesia in minor surgery
Author: Silberbauer, Stanley F.
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1914
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The conclusions I have drawn from the results obtained in my series of cases are: - 1. That hyoscine -morphine anaesthesia is unreliable. 2. That the dosage required to produce complete anaesthesia is often too large to be used with safety, and that with safe doses only a partial anaesthesia can be expected. 3. That the chief danger to be guarded against is excessive depression of the respiratory centre. 4. That this is more liable to be met with in patients subject to severe septic poisoning, especially in those suffering from chronic urinary sepsis. 5. That in all cases in which there is a possibility of the development of oedema of the glottis, the use of hyoscine-morphine narcosis is strongly contraindicated. 6. That in the case of patients past fifty years of age, the dangers of hyoscine- morphine narcosis are increased. 7. That no variation in action can be ascribed to race, or sex. 8. That in no cses should a larger dosage than hyoscine gr.750 and morphine gr. 3 be used. 9. That this dose is best administered in two subcutaneous injections, the first to be given one and a half hours before the operation and the second half an hour before operation. 10. That if no contraindications to their use be present, these alkaloids are of distinct advantage in producing a state of partial anaesthesia during such operations as the dilatation of urethral strictures; cystoscopic and proctoscopic examinations, and the injection of alcohol into the branches of the trigeminal nerve. 11. That after the operation the patient, in most cases, has no recollection of having experienced pain.
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