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Title: Translating derivational suffixes in linguistics terminology from English into Arabic
Author: Giaber, Jamal Mohamed
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 2000
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Affixes have been treated globally without adequate regard to their use in the discipline, and without proper consideration of translation problems. What is actually needed is a thorough treatment of affixes from the point view of terminological translation, and in the light of Arabic word-formation devices. This study is a contribution in this respect. It considers the translation of ten suffixes in linguistics terminology from English into Arabic. These suffixes are: -able, -ization, -lect, -eme, -nym, -graph, -graphy, -gram, -logy and -ics. In discussing the issues related to translating these suffixes, the following six-procedure approach was adopted: (1) identification of the origin and general use(s) in English of each suffix, (2) identification of the technical sense(s) of each suffix in linguistics, (3) identification of the ways through which Arabic expresses the concepts denoted in English by the discussed suffix, (4) critical discussion of the translation equivalents offered by Arab terminographers for the linguistic terms formed each of the above suffixes, (5) identification or suggestion of suitable translation technique(s) that achieve(s) precision, concision, and consistency, and maintain(s) formal and conceptual relationships between morphologically and semantically related terms, and (6) verification of the adopted translation techniques and linguistic devices by suggesting suitable translation equivalents for all included terms. The study is divided into six chapters the first of which is an introduction . The second chapter is devoted to some linguistic and terminological preliminaries, including (a) special nature of technical terms in general, (b) nature of linguistics terminology in English and its impact on translation, (c) significance of word-formation and its implications for terminological translation, (d) word-structure and word-formation in Arabic, and (e) nature of English suffixes and its implications for terminological translation into Arabic. Issues related to translating the selected suffixes proper are discussed in the core chapters as follows: the suffixes -able and -ization in chapter three, the suffixes -lect, -eme and -nym in chapter four, the suffixes -graph, -graphy and -gram in chapter five, and the suffixes -logy and -ics in chapter six.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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