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Title: The investigation of by-products from shale oil
Author: Benzie, Robert J.
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1949
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1. A fractional acid extraction unit and the following distillation columns and ancillary equipment have been constructed for use in the isolation of bases from basic tar. a. 14 -Plate vacuum column (Boot eyelets) b. 40 -Plate column (Penske helices) c. 100 -Plate vacuum column (1.0.1. gauze Lessing rings) d. Two 10 mm. diameter columns (36 in. and 18 in. long) e. Lecky and. Ewell spiral screen column (25 theoretical plates). 2. A typical sample of basic tar from Pumpherston shale oil refinery has been examined and it is believed to contain heterocyclic bases, mainly pyridine and quinoline homologues with traces of pyrrolic compounds, with a high percentage of sulphur compounds and non -volatile material. Primary and secondary bases of the aliphatic and aromatic series appear to be absent but there is the possibility of tertiary bases of these series. 3. By distillation under vacuum of 210 1. of basic tar, 53 1. of crude bases with a low sulphur content was obtained and given a preliminary distillation before fractionation at reduced pressure in a column equivalent to 14 theoretical plates. 4. Bases, boiling up to 210 ?C have been carefully fractionated in a column equivalent to approximately 100 theoretical plates. 5. The ranges, 126.5 - 168?C/760 mm., 176.8 - 180.2? 760 mm. and 130 - 132?C/100 mm., have been examined by various methods and twelve homologues of pyridine isolated. Nine of these compounds have been identified with certainty as 2 -, 3- and 4- picoline, 2 :3 -, 2:4 -, 2 :6 -, 3 :4- and 3 :5- lutidines, and 2 :4 :6- collidine. .The other compounds have not been identified with the same degree of certainty but are probably 2- methyl -6 ethylpyridine, 2- methyl- 4- ethylpyridine and 2:3:5:6 - tetramethylpyridine. 6. The dissociation constants of the bases isolated have been determined and the effect of introducing methyl groups into the pyridine nucleus discussed in Section V.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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