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Title: Enabling the diffusion of disruptive innovations in medical markets : case of Iranian cardiovascular devices market
Author: Hajhashem, Mohammad
ISNI:       0000 0004 5353 4567
Awarding Body: University of Manchester
Current Institution: University of Manchester
Date of Award: 2015
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Following the studies of technology trajectories, Christiansen (1997) coined the concept of disruptive innovation to shed more light on the pattern of discontinuous innovations which were introducing new performance values to the market and mostly led to create a new market. Following his studies there have been a huge amount of scholars who have tried to elucidate the concept of disruptive innovations from different points of views. Among all of these studies, there are few researches about the dynamic of disruptive innovations diffusion in the market while most of the studies have focused on the concept itself. According to Porter (2008) the dynamic of market competition has been totally changed over the past decade and survivance of incumbents in the market mostly depends on their capability to innovate disruptively and keep their dominancy by radical or incremental improvements. Considering the desire of incumbents to set a dominant position in today’s fast growing markets, getting the ultimate benefits of disruptive innovations has become a disputable issue. Therefore, focusing on the dynamic of disruptive innovations, this research tries to elucidate the way that market leaders take an unknown potential disruptive innovation out of its dark corner during its infancy time, raise it and disrupt the mainstream market relying on it to establish a new market. Focusing on the dynamic of innovation diffusion, this research has chosen the high-tech medical market of Iran as the main target of empirical field work. Novelty of this concept in medical markets and also appropriateness of invasive cardiovascular devices business in terms of great amount of disruptive innovation, make this case study appropriate for the purpose of this research. Therefore conducting a longitude case study of Iranian invasive cardiovascular market during the past 10 years, this research conducts 30 semi-structured interviews with the key decision makers of the four main incumbents of Iranian invasive cardiovascular market about launching new innovations including: Johnson and Johnson (Cordis), Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. The findings of these interviews are supported by the results of archival researches for more validity and reliability. Finally these findings will get compared with the conceptual framework of research in the discussion chapter to modify the existing literatures and in some cases add some new theoretical notions to them. The main contribution of this research is to identify the accelerating factors of disruptive innovation diffusion from, strategic, technological and cultural points of views. These findings can help practitioners to accelerate the diffusion rate of their disruptive innovations to disrupt the market earlier than the others and set their dominant position in the market as a market leader. Also it will provide an opportunity for the other scholars to build on more about the concept of disruptive innovation diffusion.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Disruptive Innovation, Market Dynamics, Performance Value, Penetration Mechanism, Innovation Diffusion, Medical Devices, Iran