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Title: Studies on antibody to gastric intrinsic factor
Author: Rose, Michael Simon
Awarding Body: University of London
Current Institution: Imperial College London
Date of Award: 1971
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This thesis itemises findings which support the belief .that antibodies against intrinsic factor within the gastro-intestinal tract, play a critical role in the pathogenesis of pernicious amaemia. A method is described for the release and identification of antibody in the gastric juice against intrinsic factor. The release of antibody was studied over a range of pH, under conditions of antigen excess and using progressively smaller quantities of antibody. This method was used inn art investigation of patients with pernicious anaemia. Out of fifty-three subjects studied, antibody was identified in the gastric juice of twenty-nine. There was no correlation in these subjects of antibody in the gastric juice with antibody in the serum. The antibody findings in the serum and gastric juice were related to vitamin B12 absorption studies, employing hog intrinsic factor. Patients without antibodies in the gastric juice or serum were found to absorb vitamin B12 normally when provided with extraneous hog intrinsic factor. Vitamin 412 absorption was impaired in those patients who exhibited intrinsic factor antibody In the gastric juice. In addition, eleven patients were studied who did not have pernicious anaemia but in whoa antibodies against intrinsic factor were identified in. the serum. All but one of these subjects lacked antibody from the gastric juice« All continued to absorb vitamin B12 normally. The relative importance of antibody in the serum and in the gastric juice is discussed in relation to their respective roles in the pathogenesis of pernicious anaemia. The relevant literature is reviewed and the work herein discussed in relation to the findings of other workers in this field.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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