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Title: Fractional calculus operator and its applications to certain classes of analytic functions : a study on fractional derivative operator in analytic and multivalent functions
Author: Amsheri, Somia Muftah Ahmed
Awarding Body: University of Bradford
Current Institution: University of Bradford
Date of Award: 2013
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The main object of this thesis is to obtain numerous applications of fractional derivative operator concerning analytic and ρ-valent (or multivalent) functions in the open unit disk by introducing new classes and deriving new properties. Our finding will provide interesting new results and indicate extensions of a number of known results. In this thesis we investigate a wide class of problems. First, by making use of certain fractional derivative operator, we define various new classes of ρ-valent functions with negative coefficients in the open unit disk such as classes of ρ-valent starlike functions involving results of (Owa, 1985a), classes of ρ-valent starlike and convex functions involving the Hadamard product (or convolution) and classes of κ-uniformly ρ-valent starlike and convex functions, in obtaining, coefficient estimates, distortion properties, extreme points, closure theorems, modified Hadmard products and inclusion properties. Also, we obtain radii of convexity, starlikeness and close-to-convexity for functions belonging to those classes. Moreover, we derive several new sufficient conditions for starlikeness and convexity of the fractional derivative operator by using certain results of (Owa, 1985a), convolution, Jack's lemma and Nunokakawa' Lemma. In addition, we obtain coefficient bounds for the functional |αρ+2-θα²ρ+1| of functions belonging to certain classes of p-valent functions of complex order which generalized the concepts of starlike, Bazilevič and non-Bazilevič functions. We use the method of differential subordination and superordination for analytic functions in the open unit disk in order to derive various new subordination, superordination and sandwich results involving the fractional derivative operator. Finally, we obtain some new strong differential subordination, superordination, sandwich results for ρ-valent functions associated with the fractional derivative operator by investigating appropriate classes of admissible functions. First order linear strong differential subordination properties are studied. Further results including strong differential subordination and superordination based on the fact that the coefficients of the functions associated with the fractional derivative operator are not constants but complex-valued functions are also studied.
Supervisor: Zharkova, Valentina V. Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
EThOS ID:  DOI: Not available
Keywords: Univalent ; Multivalent ; Convex ; Starlike ; Coefficient bounds ; Differential subordination ; Differential superordination ; Strong differential subordination ; Strong differential superordination ; Fractional calculus operator ; Analytic functions