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Title: Tectonic and thermal evolution of South Atlantic marginal basins
Author: Faulkner, Paul Anthony
Awarding Body: University of Cambridge
Current Institution: University of Cambridge
Date of Award: 2000
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The Malvinas and Austral basins of SE Argentina formed in response to extension and volcanism which commenced from ~168 ± 3 Ma. Termination of syn-rift subsidence in these basins is correlated with oceanic crust formation in the Weddell Sea at 150 Ma. Thermal subsidence preceded up to 1.5 km of water-loaded flexural subsidence in this area during the Cenozoic. The San Jorge basin (central Argentina) formed between ~200-160 Ma. This basin was subjected to a second major extensional phase at ~140 Ma which also resulted in the formation of the Colorado, Salado, and Punta del Este basins to the north. A final period of renewed syn-rift subsidence in these basins occurred at ~100 Ma. Initial extension on the southern African margins began at ~155 Ma with the formation of the Outeniqua basin. Subsidence modelling implies a second extensional event affected the central Outeniqua basin at 135-125 Ma. On the west coast, the Orange basin formed in response to a single rift episode at ~140-110 Ma. Several periods of uplift and denudation dramatically punctuated the post-rift development of each of the southern African offshore basins. Major uplift and denudation events are identified at ~125 Ma, 94 Ma, 84 Ma and 65 Ma. Data from the first wells to be drilled in the North Falkland basin are used to determine the tectonic and thermal evolution of this region. The northern sector of the basin formed as a result of a single rift event at ~168-120 Ma with a maximum stretching factor of b = 1.5. An early post-rift heat pulse in this northern sector may be related to synchronous uplift in the south of the basin. Rifting related to the break-up of Gondwana is correlated throughout the southern South Atlantic marginal basins. The timing, number, and intensity of subsidence events in these basins differed locally, and there is evidence for south-north rift propagation. The post-rift tectonic and thermal histories of these basins show marked regional differences.
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