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Title: An annotated critical edition of Demetrios Chrysoloras' 'Dialogue on Demetrios Kydones' antirrhetic against Neilos Kabasilas
Author: Pasiourtides, Vasos
Awarding Body: Royal Holloway, University of London
Current Institution: Royal Holloway, University of London
Date of Award: 2013
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The present thesis is an annotated critical edition of the Dialogue on Demetrios Kydones' Antirrhetic against Neilos Kabasilas by the Byzantine scholar and theologian Demetrios Chrysoloras (ca. 136o-post 1440). Composed in the form of an imaginary dialogue this text presents the Orthodox position with reference to the procession of the Holy Spirit, the main doctrinal issue that divided, and still divides, the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. In this fictitious dialogue Chrysoloras 'resurrects' both Kydones (t 1397) and Kabasilas (+1363), as well as Thomas Aquinas (t1274), the author who gave rise to their own debate. In this way, three theological discourses, and hvo perceptions are involved in Demetrios Chrysoloras' work. At the same time this text highlights perspectives of cultural and ethnic identity within Byzantine society. The thesis comprises an Introduction and a critical edition of. the text. The Introduction is divided into two Parts (I-II). Part I gives information on the author and his times, his works and the background of the composition of this text in the context of the ecclesiastical dialogue between Byzantine and Western theologians in this period. This Part also examines the circumstances that gave rise to the composition of this fictitious Dialogue, followed by an analysis of its structure and content, a commentary on the arguments put forward by Chrysoloras to refute Kydones' Antirrhetic and an evaluation of the Dialogue in the wider historical, theological and cultural context. Part II is devoted to the manuscript tradition. The four codices which preserve the complete text of the Dialogue, datable between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, are described and studied from the codicoiogical and palaeographical point of view, followed by a palaeographical and textual examination in order to establish their relation. To help the reader, the edition of the text is accompanied by five apparatuses, recording: (a) passages of Neilos' treatise On the Procession of the Holy Spirit (DPSS III) and Kydones' Antirrhetic (Defensio); (b) parallel passages in Chrysoloras' Dialogue and other works of his; (c) passages from Thomas Aquinas' works cited in the text; (d) apparatus fontium recording proverbs and classical, Scriptural and patristic citations in the text; and (e) apparatu.s criticus recording.palaeographical and textual observations in the extant manuscripts. The edition is preceded by a brief note on the principles and conventions adopted, and a list of abbreviations and signs used in the apparatuses.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Demetrios Kydones ; Thomas Aquinas ; Demetrios Chrysoloras ; Byzantine Empire ; Filioque ; Theology