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Title: How to pray to Hittite Gods : a semantic and contextual analysis of Hittite prayer terminology with the New Editions of Selected Prayers of Muršili II
Author: Czyzewska, Izabella Sylwia
Awarding Body: SOAS, University of London
Current Institution: SOAS, University of London
Date of Award: 2012
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This thesis examines five key terms employed in the colophons and in the main body of Hittite prayers as well as in festival, ritual and oracle texts to describe religious utterances (and rites) and are thus relevant for studying Hittite prayer terminology. These include the verbs arkuwai-, mald-, mugai-, talliya-, walla/i- and wallu- as well as the related nouns arkuwar, malduwar, malteššar, mugawar, mukeššar, talliyawar and walliyatar. The thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter one summarises the previous research on the topic of Hittite prayers and the terminology relating to Hittite prayer and praying. Issues and problems to be investigated in this thesis are identified; they pertain mainly to the function of these terms in the context of prayers. Furthermore, issues relating to the methodology used in this thesis are discussed. In chapter two, all the terms named above are subjected to a detailed semantic and contextual analysis in order to determine their precise meanings and functions, or rather, the functions of the utterances and rites denoted by these terms, within the sphere of Hittite religion. Chapter three investigates the usage of these terms in the prayer context and offers new important insights into the question of whether the various terms represent different prayer types or functional elements of a typical Hittite prayer and, in turn, provides a better understanding of the Hittite prayer system and its diachronic development. Chapter four offers new critical philological editions of selected prayers of Muršili II, that is the hymn and prayer to the Sungoddess of Arinna (CTH 376.II) as well as the first and the second plague prayers (CTH 378.I and CTH 378.II). It also contains a translation and transliteration of the hymn and prayer to Telipinu (CTH 377). These texts are of vital importance for the study of Hittite prayer terminology. The plague prayers are the first Hittite prayers which are labelled by Hittite scribes as arkuwar. The prayers to the Sungoddess of Arinna and to Telipinu are the first structurally complex compositions whose elements are explicitly labelled by Hittite scribes with specialised terms.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral