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Title: Studies on venous thrombosis and fibrinolysis
Author: Metcalf, M. J.
Awarding Body: University of Aberdeen
Current Institution: University of Aberdeen
Date of Award: 1974
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The aims of the work presented in this thesis are to examine the relation between the response of the fibrinolytic enzyme system to surgery and venous thrombosis and also to study the affect of doxtran on fibrinolysis and venous thrombosis. Dextran 70 was used in a controlled trial to determine its prophylactic effect against venous thrombosis diagnosed by the ¹²⁵I-fibrinogen technique. 95 general surgical patients were studied. The incidence of venous thrombosis in those patients who received dextran 70 could not be shown to be significantly different from the incidence in control patients except in females. A method for measurement of fibrinolysis using in vivo ¹²⁵I-fibrinogen was established and the response of the fibrinolytic enzyme system to surgery was measured in 76 patients. It has been shown that elective major surgery is followed by a marked increase in plasma fibrinogen concentration but not by sustained 'fibrinolytic shutdown'. Patients who subsequently developed venous thrombosis had lower fibrinolyticy activity preoperatively when compared to patients without thrombosis, however, fibrinolysis was unaltered by the administration of dextran 70. Inhibition of fibrinolytic activity by Trasylol in 5 patients did not result in a higher incidence of venous thrombosis compared to the incidence in control patients. The susceptibility to lysis of artificial thrombi formed in the presence of dextran or saline was tested using the Chandler loop technique on rabbit blood. Both spontaneous and streptokinase induced thrombolysis was increased compared to saline control, when thrombi were formed in the presence of dextran 70. This effect was maximal at a final concentration of 1.2 per cent of dextran 70 and when dextran Mw 500,000 was used. Dextran 70 had similar effects on the lysis of artificial thrombi formed in human blood.
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