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Title: Use of social values : decisions, application, and persuasion
Author: Frost, John-Mark
ISNI:       0000 0004 2749 4194
Awarding Body: Cardiff University
Current Institution: Cardiff University
Date of Award: 2006
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This Thesis examines the use of social values in human behaviour and social judgment and investigates the processes that underlie how values are used. Across 10 experiments, I examine aspects of social values that have been largely unaddressed by prior research. Chapter 1 highlights the importance of social values, reviews the previous research on the topic, and outlines three main issues that are the focus of the subsequent experimental chapters. Chapter 2 investigates whether people base their decisions on values or on value-irrelevant consequences the results reveal that situational factors influence whether or not social values are used to guide decision making (Experiments 1 - 3). Chapter 3 focuses on this use of values as guiding principles and specifically on how abstract trans-situational values bridge the gap to impact behaviour in specific contexts. The results show that this occurs through the instantiation of the value in the specific situation and not via the abstract value itself (Experiments 4 - 7). Chapter 4 examines the use of values in persuasion and specifically the impact of the relatedness of the values paired in co-value arguments the findings show that the motivational structure of values places plausibility constraints on which values can be paired in this way (Experiments 8 - 10). Finally, Chapter 5 reviews the contribution of the research presented in the Thesis to the field of human behaviour and decision-making and outlines potential directions for future research. Overall, the research emphasises the importance of social values and presents a new conceptualization of how values are used and applied in everyday life.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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