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Title: Politics in Bukedi, 1900-1939 : an historical study of administrative change among the segmentary peoples of eastern Uganda under the impact of British colonial rule
Author: Twaddle, M. J.
ISNI:       0000 0004 2746 4614
Awarding Body: SOAS, University of London
Current Institution: SOAS, University of London
Date of Award: 1967
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'Where there are no distinctively political authorities to be either superseded or subordinated, only stateless societies', writes Professor L<:M, 1 '... the :imperial pcMer is engaged in the extIemely difficult task of creating a distinctively political authority for the first time'. In manyareas of tropical Africa, European colonial pcMerS delegated that task to local African agents to undertake on their behalf. 'Bukedi' was one such erea, and the Baganda chiefs British offic:ials employedin that area during the first years of this centuIy were one such set of agents. nus study analyses British political behaviour tCMardsthose chiefs, and suggests that local British officials possessed nuch less freedan of political JIDVementhtan they were prepared to admit in official cor.oospondencewith london. Ideologically, it argues that those officials were restricted first by a diffused and inarticulate Imwinianism', then by that amorphous mixture of notions associated with 'Indirect Rule'. F\lrt:hernOle , it enphasizes that besides being prisoners of successive European ideologies, those officd.als were also the captives of their African collaborators. fuch of this study is concerned with reoonstnlcting the dlaracter . of that captivity from a variety of local historioal sources,vernacular as well as English, oral as well as documentary. Given such an approach, and given such sources , it is hardly surprising that more attention is devoted to the African chief whom one of his European contemporaries called 'a very useful pioneer and imperialist , notwithstanding his black facet 1 than to any other single political figure.
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