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Title: Being-with, authenticity, and the question of community in 'Being and time'
Author: Boddam-Whetham, Jonathan
ISNI:       0000 0004 2735 5573
Awarding Body: University of Essex
Current Institution: University of Essex
Date of Award: 2012
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In Being and Time Heidegger posits Dasein's Being as essentially Being-with-Others. However, he only occasionally refers to Dasein's sociality, and throughout Being and Time there are sections where Heidegger seems to be setting out a more robust social structure which would allow us to understand how this Being-with-Others takes place. For example, he talks of solicitude (Fiirsorge) in both division I and II, as well as more oy~dy in §74 of division II where he talks of the community of authentic people (das Volk), but he never expands on these. It will be the purpose of this thesis to ask precisely how we might understand, what he calls, 'the various possibilities of community a well as of society'. Clearly an account of Dasein's sociality must take into account its different modes of Being- with-Others: i.e. indifferent, inauthentic, and authentic. But it is not apparent how Heidegger envisages the development of those social possibilities and what he ultimately sees them as amounting to. I will argue that understanding sociality and community in Being and Time presents us with three formulations that show a tension between authenticity and community. The first is a minimal form of community, conceived as one where Dasein has an inauthentic relation to the Other. The second is a more substantial form where Dasein becomes authentically bound together in a shared 'Destiny'. This conception will be shown to be in tension with the first one. This will lead me to ask whether we can envisage a third option that arguably avoids this tension between a generation of authentic Dasein and those inauthentic ones. I will question whether a viable 'third way' is to posit a formulation where authenticity depends on community, or rather where 'community' is not only compatible, but is a necessary condition of authenticity.
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