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Title: Higher order aberrations and age-related cataract : a pre- and post- operative study
Author: Mishor, Gabriel
ISNI:       0000 0004 2734 476X
Awarding Body: Cardiff University
Current Institution: Cardiff University
Date of Award: 2012
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The outcome of higher order aberrations (HOAs) prior to, and following, age-related cataract extraction and intra-ocular lens (IOL) implantation was explored using placido disc skiaoscopy aberrometry. Ninety-nine individuals (median age 73.0, IQR 67.0, 80.5) underwent comprehensive ophthalmic examination including contrast sensitivity, endothelial cell imaging and aberrometry (Nidek OPD ARK-10000) at approximately 4 weeks pre-operatively (median 3.9, IQR 2.9, 4.8) 10 weeks (median 7.1, IQR 5.64, 11.71) (67 individuals) and 80 weeks (median 85.1, IQR 80.0, 89.6) (41 individuals) post-operatively. Linear relationships between thirteen demographical, functional and structural variables and each of three components, Total (TC), Corneal (CC) and Internal (IC), for each of eight HOAs, were separately explored, using Analysis of Variance, for each examination and for the pre- and post-operative differences, respectively. The TC and IC of all HOAs decreased post-operatively (p≤68%). Preoperatively, the TC and IC of the Total HOA decreased as the spherical equivalent (SE) became less negative (both p<0.001, R2=0.56 and 0.53). Both components of the Total HOA also decreased as the difference in SE between baseline and each follow-up became less negative (all p≤0.008, R2=0.45-0.61); the magnitude of the reduction varied between IOL type (p≤0.008). The IC of the Tilt, T.Sph and HiAstig HOAs increased with increase in severity of posterior subcapsular (p=0.018), of cortical (p=0.013) and of combined nuclear colour and cortical cataract (p=0.003), respectively. The relationship between cataract type and severity and reduction in post-operative HOA was not statistically significant at either follow-up examination. Slight associations, presumably due to post-operative corneal oedema, were present between increase in CCs of five HOAs and decreasing endothelial cell density at the first follow-up, only, (all p≤0.030, R2=0.09-0.14). Pre-operative TCs and ICs were larger, respectively, than those of 22 individuals with ‘less severe’ cataract and post-operatively than those of 49 individuals with clear media, obtained from retrospective data.
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Keywords: RE Ophthalmology