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Title: Towards a philosophy of instant rhythm and generative theory
Author: Sullivan, Lawrence Gerard
ISNI:       0000 0004 2722 6907
Awarding Body: University of the Arts London
Current Institution: University of the Arts London
Date of Award: 2011
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The research project considers a particular notion of rhythm as philosophic concern. Being largely drawn through the work of Emmanuel Levinas, it is perhaps most especially operative as a response, in fact, to his key 1947 work 'Existence and Existents' (the reluctance to name Levinas himself or indeed any other person or persons within the text functioning, however, as a denial of assimilatory propensity and the performance thereby of a particularly Levinasean concern with the procedure of ethical non/responsiveness to difference). Functioning as the repeated movement between incomprehension and rationalisation, in fact, rhythm is here played out in relation to the ʻdialogicʼ moment within the condition of reading, as itself a process of exchange for an interpreting subject with both an ʻoriginalʼ textʼs author and with a readerʼs reader, as it were, that yet takes place within the solitary, albeit ʻpossessedʼ, status of a reading subjectivity (so that the textual voice could conceivably be allowed, in essence, an alternating presentation of Self and ventriloquizing Other). Such consideration, moreover, being afforded particular emphasis in relation to the condition of the 'instant', as itself a musically oriented (rhythmic) concern, and its emergence in relation to various Levinasean preoccupations - most notably perhaps, the Saying and Said, Otherness, prayer and testament, the Hy- postasis and the il y a - as well as themes that we might identify as inevitably informing the theoretical - Self, difference, listening, utterance, reading, ascription, presence, generation etc. The overarching intention of the work being to establish an interactive flow between such concerns that functions at the same time as both assessment or mapping, and realisation. The project ultimately existing as an effectuation of the very condition or conditions that it seeks to determine and describe.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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