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Title: Refractive error, ocular biometry and oculomotor function : the prevalence of myopia and its potential risk factors in the Middle East, with an investigation of dynamic accommodation responses and axial length fluctuations in young myopic adults
Author: Gammoh, Yazan Sultan Sa¿ad
ISNI:       0000 0004 2711 3363
Awarding Body: University of Bradford
Current Institution: University of Bradford
Date of Award: 2011
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The main experimental work of this thesis has been a cross-sectional study of the prevalence of refractive error and its biometric correlates in Middle Eastern adults. In addition dynamic accommodative responses and twenty-four hour axial length fluctuations were investigated in young myopic adults. The prevalence of myopia in 3000 Middle Eastern adults (age range 17-40 years) was similar to previously reported levels of myopia in the West. Myopia was associated with a higher level of education, occupations with a high nearwork demand and positive family history of myopia; all of which have been identified as risk factors for myopia development and progression Diurnal variations in axial length (AL) of similar magnitude to those previously reported in emmetropes were observed in myopes recruited in the current thesis. However, the pattern of the diurnal variation in AL was significantly different between early-onset myopes (EOMs) and late-onset myopes (LOMs). There were no significant differences between EOMs and LOMs in the dynamic accommodative response to a sinusoidally oscillating target. The accommodative phase lag was increased following 30 minute adaptation to myopic defocus using +2.00 D lens. However, intense prolonged (30 minute) nearwork was found to have no effect on accommodative gain or phase lag. A number of recommendations for further work on the prevalence of refractive error in the Middle East are suggested along with further research on diurnal AL variations and dynamic accommodative responses in EOMs and LOMs.
Supervisor: Mallen, Edward A. H. ; Barrett, Brendan T. ; Douthwaite, William A. Sponsor: Not available
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
EThOS ID:  DOI: Not available
Keywords: Refractive error ; Ocular biometry ; Occupational vision ; Oculomotor function ; Middle Eastern adults ; Young myopic adults ; Myopia ; Prevalence