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Title: Ceramic production in a Roman frontier zone : a comparative Neutron Activation and Petro-Textural analysis of Roman coarse pottery from selected sites on and around the Antonine wall, Scotland
Author: Gillings, Mark
Awarding Body: University of Bradford
Current Institution: University of Bradford
Date of Award: 2009
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A series of recent excavations on the 2nd Century AD Antonine frontier forts of the Midland Scottish valley, have produced results which suggest that the army was making its own pottery on an appreciable scale. This was at a time when pottery production was thought to have moved almost exclusively into civilian hands. The possible local ware groups identified by the excavations were largely independent of firm source indicators such as kiln and waster material and the number of available samples was often-small. A program of Neutron Activation and Thin Section petrological analyses was undertaken along with an investigation into Textural Analysis, a facet of the Petrological toolkit. The aim was both to define the site ware groups and a group of specialist vessels thought to be local to Scotland, the Mortaria, and to make statements as to their provenance. Although the Mortaria analysis was limited by problems of sample group size and availability, by improving the objectivity of the statistical handling of the derived data sets and developing methods for the high level study of textural data, the site ware groups were defined successfully at both the "intrall and "inter" site levels. The analyses also furnished interpretations as to the mode and nature of the site production schemes. Through the full analysis of' site Daub samples linked to more traditional provenancing techniques, in all but one case the ware groups could be assigned to the source sites, where contrasting production modes could be identified with military as opposed to civilian production.
Supervisor: Aspinall, A. ; Jones, Rick F. J. ; Breeze, D. J. Sponsor: SERC
Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Ceramic production ; Coarse ware ; Multivariate statistics ; Neutron Activation Analysis ; Roman textural analysis ; Thin section petrology ; Trade ; Antonine Wall, Scotland