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Title: Al-Juwayni's doctrine of the imamate
Author: Mohamad, Zaid Bin
ISNI:       0000 0004 2694 2047
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1995
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This thesis is devoted to the study of the doctrine of the imamate according to Im9m al-Haramayn Abi al- Ma°gli ý-Abd al-Malik bin -Abdullah al-Juwayni. The thesis consists of eight chapters. It begins with a brief introduction to the life of al-Juwayni and the historical background to his doctrine of the imamate. The first chapter deals with al-Juwayni's concept of the imamate and its establishment. The second chapter deals with the qualifications required for the imam. The third chapter deals with the disqualification and dismissal of the imam. This comprises three separate sections i. e. the circumstances which require disqualification, the circumstances which require dismissal and the rules pertaining the dismissal. Chapter four deals with the duties of the imam. Chapter five deals with the assistants and equipment required by the imam. Chapter six and seven deal with the legitimacy of the imamate of the four Guided Caliphs and the legitimacy of the de facto imamate of Ni; gm al-Mulk, respectively. In analyzing al-Juwayni's doctrine -of the imamate, an attempt is made in chapter eight to show the chain of thought among the traditional scholars prior to and after him, and to show the contribution made by al-Juwayni in the formulation of the doctrine of the im9mate in Islam. The conclusion, presents the result of the analysis of his writing on the doctrine of the im9mate, its origin and influence.
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