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Title: The third Earl of Shaftesbury and the socialisation of philosophy
Author: Robinson, P.
ISNI:       0000 0004 2691 9533
Awarding Body: University of Edinburgh
Current Institution: University of Edinburgh
Date of Award: 1978
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Thin theoio is concornod frith : hafteobuj (1671-1713), and frith tho fotion exid contont of hie major publichad work, Cht wt, -, rtnttc%n of iT? on, Mrnrorn, t , inionst T . ncn (1711). +ýr . rýr. ýrrrr ýr It illuatratoo a ciCnific^nt theme in Shaftoaburj'a t: orIc. Tho overall poropectivo that to procented trt: en tho form of t domonotration of the natura of tho intellectual cntorpriao upon which Shaftooburv t; ao onCaCo:d in t.'r itirj the Chnrr'.c terintie; ':. Aa cocentiai bacl -, rou to thin tho cooial card intellectual contort in tfhicli Shaftoctr rv dovoloped hie viouc io deocribed. The Cýharnctexiot ct, n is then to be coon as Shaftoc-. burj'a croativo reoponcö to the raciai and intellectual forces tvhich acted upon hin; hie public reoponco and af fiz ationg, an dictinot fror hie private pero cion. After .n intro; tuctorj bioer pi ical outlinot attention to iron to hnftoobury'o oar1; r phi1osophicaL -davolopment czad political nsr;: ronoca. Shaftcob'irj to coon an having boon unozcj with contemporary philooorhicnl activitjt particularly moral philocophyp and cllco vith the practice and princiDleo fount in tho contemporary political vorlcl. ACainot thin bacnround, haftoo'bur7lo ctu. ica In fom^n Stoicicx aro coon to hwvo provided an intellectually c ticfyiat philocoph7. Thereafter tho thcoio to concorncd to doionctrntc how S2 : fteobury attempted to ro-locate intolliCont diccuc cion of phil6cophic¬s1 quecrtiona tong hire conteoporarida. He did this by criticizing viewo and prutiooo then provalont; and by offerinC both a philosophical practice and a philocophica7, 'ayato&t. The uholo of thin activity has been called the cocialication of philosophy, 'hies approach aaaarto the importance of social implication, iii, addition, to technical refinementp in 3haftcabury'a philocophy
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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