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Title: Local politics and the parliamentary representation of Sussex, 1529-1558
Author: Swales, R. J. W.
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Awarding Body: University of Bristol
Current Institution: University of Bristol
Date of Award: 1964
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'This thesis exsmines the parliamentary representation of Sussex between 1529 and 1558 with the context of local politics and national affairs. It is based upon a biographical study of the 133 members who sat in the county within those dates. Sussex was free from major disturbances in the early sixteenth century. The government kept a strong hand upon its affairs because the long coastline faced the enemy, France. Local affairs under Henry V II were directed by prominent courtier-gentry, but later the old nobility particular the Earl of Arundel, gained supremacy. In reign Sussex was ruled by Catholics. The county seats were not monopolised by one or two families as they often were elsewhere. This was in part a reflection of changes in local politics, which resulted from the religious upheavals of the period. it is difficult to discover how the county members obtained their c,. but there were a few important local families represented. The Catholics were made The largest share of parliamentary patrons the hands of the Duke of Norfolk. Howard influence probably effective under Henry VIII, but did not fully recover from the third Duke's fa1l in 1546 until the end of Marys reign. The borough of Arundel we controlled by the earl of Arundel who exercisers occrsional influence st the'Duchy borouch of '? set rinvtead and the crown :: y^ =h of " .: -n inn. l'oth the latter boroughs returned of -0rofe 1awvyors and adratnietrators. The Croce and fsmilieo influenced Rsst =rin^te: 3rý, the a' e family and the Fitzwilliars r: nd nrowneo monopolised ý; 3cnurý'.:. Chichester was the Most finde pendent and the city's .rq bills throw auch light upon its parliamentary history The ms: ority of the member3 cs :e: ro.. other co'_:: y1 e ,, They -were often men of political ir: portsarice. Towns had little chance of sitting except in the p3r1i crnE Nov. 155LE. The religious views of üsny r: erb, ens hav:: -examined. Under ; dwsrd VI the ro jority seem to have teen protestants, under nary catholics. A fe7z members vron some' parliamentary lists and these have been car: exflthined.
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