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Title: Recurrent problems in the construction process : an action research study of the design and construction quality of hospital en-suites
Author: Jeffrey, James Howard
ISNI:       0000 0004 2692 6135
Awarding Body: University of Salford
Current Institution: University of Salford
Date of Award: 2010
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Research was undertaken based upon the suspicion that there were recurrent problems with the design and construction of hospital en-suites. An investigation was planned to confirm whether or not this suspicion was true and that there were, in fact, recurrent problems. Following on from this it would be to find out if they existed, what they were and whether and how they could be overcome. These objectives needed to be formulated, and then positioned within a framework that identified if the practitioners within the industry even knew about the problems and if they did, whether they chose not to resolve them or could not overcome the barriers that prevented the resolution. A review of the Literature identified that little research had been undertaken in the area of problems with the design and construction of hospital en-suites. The broader perspective of problems within the construction industry was covered by the theories supporting construction Process Improvement. This area was reviewed and it was found that the results of practical implementation of Process Improvement were rather less successful than had originally been anticipated. The Sub-processes that combined together to make up the whole processes were considered and reviewed also. Theories relating to the improvement of the Sub-process of Design; Management, Quality and Briefing were reviewed. These reviews of the Process and Design Sub-processes identified that there were significant barriers within organisation that made improvements difficult to implement. The opportunity arose to review the suggested existence of problems with the design and construction of hospital en-suites by way of case Study research at the £330million Derby PFI hospital redevelopment. At this project approximately 400 en-suites were going to be constructed. Action Research was proposed to implement practical interventions aimed at identifying the problems and their solutions. During the course of the research a second project, the similarly sized £330 million PFI redevelopment of the Mansfield hospital project, also with approximately 400 en-suites. This provided the basis for a second Case Study. The original research approach of Action Research within a Case Study was modified to two Case Studies each embracing Action Research contained within an overarching Action Research strategy. Planned interventions in the construction processes were undertaken to identify whether knowledge could become embedded in that construction process that would eliminate any problems identified in the design and construction of hospital en-suites. The techniques for information gathering included workshops, constructing Mock-ups, Simulation exercises, Structured interview based on carefully prepared Questionnaires to form agenda's and Site Visits. From the research emerged the 'Notion of Solute' as a theoretical model for problem resolution which overcomes the difficulty of Knowledge Transfer. From the investigations within the two Case Studies into hospital en-suites a solution to the problems required the transfer of the knowledge of three components: The nature of the problems, The implications of not remedying the problems. Recommendations for resolving the problems. These three components, which formulate the solutions, were suggested to be defined as a 'Solute'. This is a distinct and focussed 'package of knowledge' that can be readily transferred, both between individuals and also between projects. This 'Solute' is a theoreticz model that could be transferred to other problems within hospitals, other problems within construction projects and even to problems in other industries. Each 'Solute' is then populated with the specific parameters required to enable a problem to be understood and a solution to be implemented. Keywords: Knowledge, Design, Quality, Hospital, En-suite.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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