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Title: Arabic versions of the Psalter in use in Muslim Spain
Author: Alder, Catherine
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Awarding Body: University of St Andrews
Current Institution: University of St Andrews
Date of Award: 1953
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After the invasion of Spain by the Muslims in 711-A. D., Southern Spain and North Africa, from which the invaders had come, were linked in such a way that they could no longer be counted separate countries with separate cultures. There was a steady traffic between the two, not only in regard to people and merchandise, but in ideas, writings and translations. The Caliph resided sometimes in Andalusia, sometimes in North Africa. In 817, after a revolt of the Christians at Cordoba, Hakam massacred some and deported others to North Africa. Thirty years later, a famine in Spain drove many to emigrate and join the exiles. Later still, in 1126, Ali ben Yusuf beat back the king Alonso and, to punish those Christians of his realm who had been willing to join the king, had them deported from Granada to Morocco, where they were settled in Mequinez and Fez. It was in the latter city, in 1137, that a bishop Michael ibn abd-el-aziz had a copy of the Gospels made for a certain Ali ibn abd-el-aziz. A year after this copy had been made, a further deportation by the son of All ibn Yusuf swelled the ranks of the exiles and emigres. The Christians in North Africa fared quite well. They became soldiers and the Christian militia played no small part in North African history. Some were chosen by the Caliph to join his personal bodyguard and others held good posts at Court. Even the Almohades, strict Unitarians though they, were, allowed churches. to be built. In 1224, when Ferdinand's help was sought by the Almohades in North Africa to quell risings of local Moorish rulers, the Christian king asked in payment not only money and ten Andalusian fortresses, but that a Christian church should be built in Morocco and bells sound the hours of service.
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