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Title: Oikonomics : economy and the (im)possibility of hospitality in philosophy, selected contemporary film and literature
Author: Jones, Nisha
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Current Institution: University of Sussex
Date of Award: 2008
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Arguments for immigration are often posed on the basis that it is 'good for the economy'. This provokes those who wish to contest the ethics of this purely economic notion of hospitality. I argue in this thesis that as hospitality, an encounter between host (self) and guest/stranger/foreigner (other), presupposes that the former is 'at home', this encounter is already economic in more than one respect a) The terms themselves are economic (i.e. differential); b) Home presupposes economy and economy lends home both its singularity and its need for expansion — for the appropriation of the other. I call this syllogism of home, economy and the encounter with the other, 'Oikonomics'. This thesis explores the ways in which oikonomics functions, and, drawing heavily upon the writing of Jacques Derrida, examines how it supports the centrality of the host/self and affords the appropriation of the other, while also keeping the latter at a distance - objectified; a symbolic value. I demonstrate this in critiques of Aristotle's Politics, Hegel's Elements of the philosophy of right, Levinas's Totality and infinity and selected texts by Heidegger.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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