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Title: Renewable energy, distributed generation and their application in modern electrical energy system
Author: Nieh, Tsu-Yuan.
ISNI:       0000 0001 3446 5234
Awarding Body: City University, London
Current Institution: City, University of London
Date of Award: 2007
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This thesis presents a new approach)o the various kind of renewable technologies, \: especially in wind energy, together with Distribut~d Generation (DG) and how there .. ' ~.- regulation and application in the modern power industry and market. The modern power market is growing in the fastest rate in the last decade, mainly because of the deregulation of the power market. The deregulation induced the competitive, which is supposed to reduce the cost and improve the power quality. However, it is like every other growing industry, there are always flaws exist inside the system or mechanism that compromises the original ta, rget. To matters more complex, the environmental and energy exhausting concern produce more issues that required immediately attention, such as insertion of renewable energy,' eHP and DG techllologies that helps to reduce pollution and improve power quality. There are many barriers for applying newly development technologies that stated above, one main barrier is that even though population may understand the importance of energy saving and environmental friendly energy source, they may not know where or how to acquire those energy source. Secondly, applying new technologies on the old power system design will increase additional costs such as new wiring system, new design of control and security, and new expertise opinion on the new technologies to ensure their reliability and consistence. All the additional costs will catch participants' attention and some may think they are not worth of investment. Thirdly, DG will seem to be a favourable technologies for renewable energy to use because their characteristics of small in size and feasible to co-operate with traditional energy sources. However, it will create additional load on the existing distribution system that causes the electrical power to flow back to electrical energy grid, which is not original design of the electrical energy gird. To solve the problem may require redesign of the system, which will have negative effect on investor's decision.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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