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Title: Systems of leisure travel information provision and use : the 'Grey' market' and the internet
Author: Graupl, Alice
ISNI:       0000 0001 3511 9456
Awarding Body: University of Derby
Current Institution: University of Derby
Date of Award: 2008
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The information age and the information society have become dominant features in the newm illennium.H owever,t heset ermsa reo ften referredt o with the youngerg enerations in mind,n eglectingth e older andm oree xperiencemd emberso f our society. This thesis focuses on the 'Grey Market' (travellers over the age of 50) who use the Internet on a regular basis - therefore also referred to as 'Silver Surfers' - and in particularf or their travel and tourism decision-makingI.t aims to identify experiences andp rocesseosf travel decision-makinga,n alyseth e impacto n the useo f the Interneta s an informations earcha s well as evaluateth e effectivenesos f the Interneti n providing informationf or particulara ndn ot mainstreamm arkets egments. The methodologye mployedi n this particularp iece of researchb uilds on positivisma s most consumerb ehaviourt heoriesd o; howevera more inductivea pproachw as taken. While relying on existingt heoriesn ewera nd lessw ell testedm ethodso f datac ollection were put to use.T he methodsw ere triangulatedu, tilising bothq uantitativea ndq ualitative research methods which complement each other in the results. An initial pilot study questionnairwe asf ollowedu p with semi-structureidn -depthi nterviewsw hich thenl edt o the completiono f the final survey,t hat was administeredb y 'e-surveying'u sing both conveniencea nd snowballs amplinga nd resultedi n 517 valid responsesfr om 'Silver Surfers' around the United Kingdom. Main findings of this thesiss how a distinct patterno f behaviourin the travel decisionmaking process of this particular market segment as well as what kind of information they were researchingo n the Internet.M ost importantly,t he respondentdso not consider themselvesto o different from other (younger)a geg roupsa nde vent houghs omeo f their informationr equirementsa re distinctive,t hey do not want to be consideredju st as 'the older consumers'.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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Keywords: Consumer behaviour ; Online decision making ; Senior travellers ; Grey market