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Title: The geology of the Ingleton & Stainmore coalfields
Author: Ford, Trevor David
Awarding Body: University of Sheffield
Current Institution: University of Sheffield
Date of Award: 1953
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The research investigation described herein was undertaken at the suggestion of Professor L. R. Moore of the University of Sheffield early in the summer of 1950. At first it was intended to restrict investigation to the Ingleton Coalfield, but as the work progressed it became necessary to visit other neighbouring areas, and during the summer of 1951 the small Stainmore Coalfield was examined. It was decided to include a systematic account of this coalfield for comparative purposes. Neither coalfield has ever been the subject of detailed and systematic study and the results of the present investigation summarized in the following pages therefore add very materially to our knowledge of the Upper Carboniferous rocks of the Pennines. These researches are embodied within the accompanying thesis, which I beg to submit to the University of Sheffield for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of that University. It is claimed that the researches described herein constitute a fundamental contribution to the knowledge of the geology of the North of England and, in particular, of the sequence and structure of the Upper Carboniferous rocks of the Pennines. The new facts brought to light are: - 1) A stratigraphical and palaeontological account of the Namurian sequence near Ingleton. - with the description of new non-marine faunas. 2) A similar account of the Ammanian and Morganian sequence of the Coal Measures of Ingleton, embodying the first full account of floras and faunas of these beds, and their zonal subdivision based on these fossils. 3) The recognition of an Intra-Coal Measure Unconformity within the Ingleton Coalfield, ascribed to a phase of the Malvernian movements. 4) Additional information concerning the structure of the Ingleton Coalfield as a result of field-mapping and the study of mining plans and boreholes records. This information is of economic importance in the event of any further exploration of this coalfield for coal reserves. 5) A stratigraphical account of the Upper Carboniferous rocks of the Stainmore Coalfield, including the first accounts of non-marine faunas and floras of Ammanian age of that area. 6) The general correlation of Coal Measures at Ingleton and Stainmore with other British Coal- fields, in particular with those of Lancashire and Yorkshire. 7) Additional information concerning the zonal distribution of Upper Carboniferous rocks in the North of England and in particular of the rapid changes in the Namurian and lower Ammanian sediments between Ingleton and Stainmore across the region of the Craven Fault System. The writer acknowledges with thanks the award of a Maintenance Grant from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research which enabled these researches to be carried out over a period of two years. During this period the research investigation was supervised by Professor L. R. Moore, and the writer wishes to express his gratitude for this help and advice throughout the work.
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Qualification Name: Thesis (Ph.D.) Qualification Level: Doctoral
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