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Title: Regulation of Golgi structure and function by signal transduction molecules
Author: San Pietro, Enrica
ISNI:       0000 0001 3548 6520
Awarding Body: Open University
Current Institution: Open University
Date of Award: 2007
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The Golgi complex is a highly organized and morphologically complicated intracellular organelle that serves as the crossroad of membrane trafficking. It has been demonstrated that membranous tubules connecting cisternae within Golgi stacks represent essential element the Golgi complex in mammalian cells (Marsh et aI., 2004; Trucco et aI., 2004). In spite of extensive morphological characterization two main questions have to be addressed: (i) which is the functional role and (ii) which is the molecular mechanisms behind the formation of such Golgi tubules? It has recently been shown that these tubular connections are traffic dependent, suggesting that they might be involved in intra-Golgi transport (Marsh et al., 2004; Trucco et aI., 2004). Moreover, cytosolic phospholipase Az (cPLAz) enzymes (Six and Dennis, 2000) have been proposed to modify the lipid membrane conformation favouring membrane curvature and thus promoting the formation of such tubular structures (de Figueiredo et al., 1998). This study shows that upon activation of secretory transport, cytosolic PLAza (cPLAzu) is rapidly recruited to the Golgi and is required for the formation of tubular connections linking different Golgi sub-compartments. In contrast, cPLAzu does not control the dynamic of Golgi vesicles. Importantly, by blocking cPLAza and thus the formation of Golgi tubules the progression of cargo is arrested at the cis level of the Golgi stacks; while the recovery of cPLAzu activity results in the re-formation of Golgi tubular structures and in the reactivation of transport through the Golgi complex. These [mdings indicate that tubular connections regulated by cPLAzu are essential mediators of intraGolgi traffic.
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Qualification Name: Open University, 2007 Qualification Level: Doctoral
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