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Title: Cinematic Space: a Study of Representation in Iranian Films
Author: Shirazi, Seyed Reza
ISNI:       0000 0001 3406 8466
Awarding Body: Birmingham City University
Current Institution: Birmingham City University
Date of Award: 2007
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Representation of physical space in cinema is a subject that has been investigated by scholars from different disciplines, including filmmakers. Space in cinema is formed through the overlapping of the three components' of physical space, projected space - the image of the physical space..:.. and mental space, an image or an abstract idea formed in the viewer's mind. Representation of space in cinema is therefore a spatial system structured by three interrelated components of physical; optical and psyc!tological relationships. This study investigates the nature ofinfluential factors contributing to the representation of space in Iranian cinema. To do this, the study constructs a model ofcinematic space system structured by the three components of physical space, screen space and mental space. At the centre of the model there is a shared, overlapping area, whose landscape is a complex spatial form influenced by cultural images. The study argues that this landscape is the site for the development of the viewer's mental image in the context ofIranian films. The study reviews the socio-cultural factors that have influenced the development of cinema in Iran since 1900. It then focuses on analysing the representation of space in Iranian films, identifying dominant influential factors in the landscape of the shared area which have influenced the representation ofspace. The findings of this research confirm that shared cultural images, especially traditional painting and performing arts, Taziyeh, have influenced the cinematic space of Iranian films, although the extent and direction of, influence varies and depends upon the socio-political environment in each period.
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